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Minimum order amount for WI-FI
200 rubles
Dear tourists!
Due to the fact that the terminal for cashless service was put into the repair cafe cash only.
Minimum order amount for WI-FI
200 rubles
Dear tourists!
Due to the fact that the terminal for cashless service was put into the repair cafe cash only.
Russian and European cuisine
Cafe ERSI is the perfect place for weddings, banquets, anniversaries, corporate retreats, and weddings.
Karaoke Wi-Fi 40 seats
Corporate events, birthdays, weddings
n our cafe you can always have a good time in the company of family, friends or colleagues
Average bill 350 rubles.
Set lunch
Spend a meeting or a business lunch, going to a business lunch at the cafe Ersi.
Breakfast 8.00-11.00300 rub
Dinner 13.00-15.00450 rub
Supper 19.00-21.00450 rub
Russian and European
We evaluate the offer European cuisine from our chefs - the real masters of their craft. They will create a Europe for you in the heart of Siberia.
Our menu
Greek Salad
Cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, Feta cheese, black olives, olive oil
250 g.350 rub.
Mixed vegetable salad
Cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, vegetable oil, greens
250 rub.220 g.
Caesar with chicken
Chicken fillet, Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, croutons, hard cheese, “Caesar” sauce
220 g.370 rub.
Caesar with salmon
Soft-salted salmon, Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, croutons, prawns, hard cheese, “Caesar” sauce
220 g/30g370 rub
Snack Salad
Cucumber, semi-smoked sausage, hard cheese, sauce
220g/30g350 rub
Three kinds of Meat
Beef tongue, boiled beef, boiled chicken fillet, cucumber, champignons, boiled chicken egg, tomato, sauce.
220 g / 30 g490 rub
Cold startersВесЦена
Cheese platter
Parmesan, Lamber, Maasdam, Sulguni, honey, walnut
250 g450 rub
Meat platter
Beef tongue, chicken roll, baked beef, greens, lemon.
250 g/30g550 rub
Vegetable platter
220 g/30 g250 rub
Cold starters with fishВесЦена
Fish platter
Soft-salted salmon, herring, omul, red caviar, lemon, olive oil, black olives.
250 g490 rub.
Omul, leek, lemon, black olives, olive oil.
170 g/ 30g450 rub.
Hot startersВесЦена
Stuffed Pancakes:
1. Soft-salted salmon, greens
2. Viola” Cheese and semi-smoked sausage
150 g280 rub.
Prawns to Beer
King prawns, soy sauce, olive oil, lemon, black olives, greens.
150 g 280 rub.
1. with chicken
2. with fish
3. with mushrooms
100 g190 rub.
Hot dishesВесЦена
Fried Omul in pine nut
The dish for true Baikal omul gourmands
150/60 g450 rub
Omul in cream sauce
Fried omul fillet served on crispy potato hash browns with cream sauce
200 g/50 g550 rub.
Fried omul
200 g400 rub.
Pork chop
Moist pork chop on grill. Served with cream sauce and French fries.
150/100/30 g550 rub.
Pork medallions
Tender pork medallions with creamy mushroom sauce served on French fries.
150/100/30 g550 rub.
Chicken medallions
Chicken medallions with cream sauce served on French fries
150/100/30 g450 rub
Hot pan
1. Pork fillet, sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato, onion, soy sauce, pineapple, greens.
2. Chicken fillet, sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato, onion, soy sauce, pineapple, greens.
250 g480 rub.
1. Boiled potato
2. French fries
3. Boiled cauliflower
4. Boiled kidney bean
5. Boiled Brussels sprouts
100 g 150 rub.
Baikal Ukha (fish soup)
Thick soup from omul, onion, greens.
300 g300 rub.
Baikal Borsch
Meat broth soup with vegetables, cabbage, potato, beetroot, carrot, pepper
200 g/100 g350 rub.
Meat Solyanka
Nourishing meat soup from 4 kinds of smoked meat products. Served with sour cream, lemon and greens
200 g/100 g350 rub.
Stuffed with potato
250 g270 rub
Deep fried
250 g370 rub
With sour cream
220 g300 rub
With omul
220 g350 rub
With salmon
220 g400 rub
Homemade pelmeni
Stuffing: pork, beef. Served with sour cream, mayonnaise sauce, chicken broth (on your choice).
150 g/100 g330 rub
Pelmeni with fish
Stuffing: omul, salmon, pike perch. Served with sour cream, mayonnaise sauce, chicken broth (on your choice).
150 g/100 g450 rub
Spaghetti, bacon, dairy cream, Parmesan cheese
150 gr/100 g400 rub
Premium full cream ice
1. Chocolate, honey, pine nut
2. Fruits, caramel
3. Jam
4. Chocolate
5. Caramel
6. Honey
150 g350 rub
Fruit platter
Apple, orange, banana, pear, grapes (fruits assortment varies due to season).
400 g/20g 500 rub
- with condensed milk
- with sour cream
- with home-made jam
150 g170 rub
- with honey and pine nut
- with chocolate and condensed milk.
150 g220 rub.
Banquet menu
Cold starters
Vegetable bouquet of crunchy cucumbers, juicy tomatoes home, sweet peppers and emerald green
Pickles from the home cellar: cucumbers, tomatoes, juicy garlic, pickled cabbage barreled, home-salted mushrooms with herbs, onions and sweet fragrant oil
Fish chord: salted salmon, salted omul Pacific herring in the company of fragrant dill.
Meat extravaganza: homemade ham, homemade flavorful brisket, chicken farmer roll with prunes and pistachios Veal tongue with horseradish or mustard.
Julien: fragrant mushrooms baked in cream sauce and Parmesan cheese.
Caesar salad: tender chicken fillet, lettuce mix, wheat toast, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing.
Salad Sea cocktail: salted salmon, shrimp cocktail, crab meat in a delicate creamy filling, and cap of the Parmesan cheese.
Morse cranberry-currant
Boiled potatoes with butter cream, emerald green and fragrant garlic.
French fries
Hot dishes
Pork larded with carrots, garlic and peppercorns with the addition of mustard seed, which gives this dish a special piquancy baked into large chunks and served on a large platter
Veal tongue in cream sauce: Veal tongue stewed in cream sauce served on a bed of crispy potato pancakes.
Chicken or pork medallions
Salmon in a creamy lime sauce
Selected dishes 990 rub.
Children's menu
Type 1
Chicken soup with noodles - 200g
Emelina cutlet of salmon - 70 gr
Mashed potatoes - 100g
Grandma's pies with cabbage - 100g
Bread – 2
Tea 1
Type 2
Fish soup of saury - 200g
Chicken cutlet - 80 gr
Spaghetti - 100g
Pancakes with jam - 2
Bread – 2
Tea - 2
Type 3
Pea soup - 200g
Chicken wings - 2
Rice with vegetables - 100g
Pancakes with condensed milk - 2
Bread – 2
Tea – 2
Type 4
Soup with meatballs - 200 g
Fish fried (salmon, flatfish) - 80 g
Boiled potatoes - 100 g
Bread – 2
The cost of lunch 280 rub
(for groups of children)